Why vintage?

We stock vintage clothes from the 40s to the 80s because:

1.   They are often beautiful garments in their own right – better made (often hand-sewn or tailored) and of superior fabric.

2.   Items before the 1940s are becoming extremely expensive and tend to be collector’s items unless you have an unlimited budget.  They are around but they are rare – we stock a few. Some shops class 1990’s as vintage but we don’t!

3.   The clothes are an excellent investment. If cared for properly you will be able to re-sell your vintage clothes if you wish in a few years’ time – often at a profit. (Students take note!)

4.   They are fun and they are unique – you won’t find someone wearing the same outfit at a party and they are designed for daily wear. So you can brighten up your trip to work with a vintage outfit – or add a tie or jacket to contemporary clothes.

5.   They are part of our heritage so whether your interest is fashion design, social history or a particular period such as the 1940s or 1950s you can add to your wardrobe and your own appreciation of clothes.

Perfect for a dapper gentleman -  tweed overcoat, red waistcoat and patterned cravat.