A Colour and style consultation lasts about 2 hours and includes a free colour swatch . We will look at your body shape and the styles that suit you best as well as determining where you are within you 'season' of colour, your best colours, neutrals and the colours to avoid.  £79 or  Wedding/Two Friends package £119.

Creating a Wardrobe  that Works also lasts about 3 hours. We will organise your wardrobe, weed out items that don't work, 'rescue' items that go with others and create and photograph six outfits. Allow half a day! £79.

Personal shopping - either at a department store, or, if you prefer eco (charity) shopping depending on your budget. We'll start with a list and buy items that fit, flatter and work with your wardrobe.  3 hours plus travel. £79.


“So glad Fiona did my colour analysis, styling and wardrobe sort, I now look forward to opening my wardrobe and always knowing that I will have something to wear.  I feel more confident and comfortable and going shopping with my colour swatch is exciting, as well as proving economic, no more wrong buys!”  Heather Dewhurst, Copthorne

                                                    Phone now for a chat or an appointment 07815297453